New Year Session

I got to take pictures of one of my great friends and her family on New Years Day. They are a fun bunch. I wish it wasn’t so cold that day so we could have taken pictures outside…I love natural light! But with the cold weather, we had to opt for indoor photos this time. We did one family outdoors pics as fast as we could and everyone rushed back inside to where it was definitely warmer.  The difficult thing about indoor pics is getting the right lighting in dark rooms.  I had to do some photoshop magic to make sure photos didn’t have the usual yellow tinge and dark shadows from flash photography.  C, i’m so sorry I haven’t been able to get these to you yet. Finishing a few more pics but thought i’d at least give you a sneak peek of a few here.


2 thoughts on “New Year Session

  1. crystal payne

    Love the pics Angelica! Going to post to my family so they can see. THANK YOU!! Hey – can’t wait to see you again soon.

  2. jeannie chaya

    Good work-thank you.
    these pics will be treasured by our families for years to come.
    Looking forward to see the rest.


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