Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

It’s Friday! I haven’t had the time to post anything on the blog this week so I wanted to post at least one.

So here goes…these are photos are from earlier this month during our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

My brother & his girlfriend were visiting from Seattle. I just have to say that I feel so grateful that my brother takes time off from work to visit me and my family!

It means the world to me that he wants to spend time with us and I love that my kids just adore their uncle and think the world of him!

Whenever he comes to visit, I often have a long list of places to eat! I’m such a foodie! I love exploring and finding all of the different kinds of foods around Atlanta.  I’ll have to share with you some of my favorite places around Atlanta next time (another post).

Anyway, did you know that the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is considered to be one of the top 13 gardens in the world? Actually, Atlanta is home to the largest collection of species orchids under glass in the United States.

If you live in the area and haven’t already visited or plan on making  a future visit to Atlanta, I highly recommend the gardens .

And I had to share a picture of my kiddos with their awesome Uncle!

Well, have a great weekend and until next time…


To thine own self be true! {Authentic Life & Love}

I’m not sure if this whole post makes sense but here goes! This is what’s been on my mind lately.

Though I love learning and being inspired…I’ve been recently thinking a lot about authenticity. You’re probably familiar with the words of Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true…”( in Hamlet).

If you’re like me, you love looking for inspiration in everything around you. One of the ways I love getting inspired…besides the beauty of my natural surroundings and the everyday life I experience…is by surfing the internet.

With today’s popularity of such sites as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the like…we are constantly bombarded by visual stimuli of what others are doing. For me, I’ve slowly discovered that as I look to be creative and inspired…I can also kill my soul’s own creativity, ingenuity and imagination!

Of course, not everyone is like me! And I’m not saying that I’m not or haven’t been trying to be true to myself but I do find that if I’m not careful, I can get tangled up in trying to look and be like everyone and/or everything I see rather than simply using it as a tool to dream. And rather than allowing what I see to inspire me to dream…it becomes the dream (without me even realizing it).  At least this is what I’ve sometimes found to be true for me. How about you? Do you find it easy to be authentic in who you are and what you do? If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear the ways you try to be a creative and authentic!

Anyway, I basically share all this to say that I’m on a journey of discovering the authentic me!

I want to be inspired to dream! To find what encourages and challenges me to be better than discover what can help me to be creative and true!

So with that thought I’ve decided to begin a series of post called…”Authentic Life & Love”.

This  is where I’ll be sharing either photos, videos, or whatever it may be that helps me to be real and true to who I am. Sometimes my post may be specific to photography, being a wife and/or mom (because that’s part of who I am) but other times, it may just be something general in life and/or love!
My hope is that some of what I find through my journey will also be helpful to someone else. And I just want to say that this is NOT inspiration for the sake of inspiration or being different or even the most “liked” or popular…but it IS, I think, a discovery for the passion that exist for life and love in everyone!

So to get things started, here’s what I thought would be a great start to this series…
A video of Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University Commencement Address titled “How to live before you die.”

Until next time…

NOT “little” anymore! {San Diego Senior Portrait Session}

I really love getting to take pictures of seniors! It’s such an exciting time in life.  It’s a time that marks accomplishment, independence and new beginnings.

This particular session was extra special because for this session, I was photographing my niece. I still can’t believe that my “little” niece will be graduating in June 2013! She’s definitely not “little” anymore!

Love you M!

Until next time…

Home Sweet Home {Family Session Sneak Peek}

At least once a year, I get to visit another place I call home…San Diego! I grew up there and since most of my family still live there…it’s home away from home.  My family & I got to visit for a little over a week early in July. While I was there, I had some time for a few photo sessions.

This session was with family friends that I first met in Atlanta. They now have a beautiful home in San Diego and it’s always such a treat to get to spend time with them.  I have to say that getting to capture families in their own home is so much fun.  To me, there’s always a more personal feel to photos and I LOVE the opportunity of capturing the beauty of home, family and everyday life.  Here’s just a sneak peek…

More to come soon!

Until next time…

Stepping Out in the Rain

Last week, we headed outside. We headed outside just as the rain was beginning to pour! Usually, I’m not a big fan of rain! Rainy days make we want to stay in, curl up on the couch and just “veg”! Did I just use the word “veg”! Anyway, that’s what I would have wanted to do but some days you’ve just got to step out of the usual and do what you typically wouldn’t do.

So I’m not sure why my husband and I felt like it…but we did…we decided to go out and just enjoy the rain!

The kids geared up with their rain gear and mom & dad with their umbrellas.  There was stomping and splashing! It was so much fun!

I was laughing inside as I smiled and waived as neighbors pulled out of their driveways!

We must have been a hilarious sight as we were all marching along the side of the road…in the rain! Fortunately our street dead ends so we don’t have a lot of cars driving through our immediate neighborhood.

I don’t know why we don’t do this more often! It was such a blast! And we had a great time together as a family…even if for just a little while.

It made me think…I’ve got to find more times of letting go of my usual schedule (or should I say agenda) and just enjoy the life that’s happening around me…even if it’s raining!



Do you make efforts to step out of your usual? How do you make sure you’re enjoying life as it’s happening around you?

Well, I hope we make more time to step out & enjoy the life that happens all around us! And when you can, remember to capture some of those moments of life and love!

Until next time…


I’ve been MIA…missing in action! Seriously folks…I’ve been in constant movement for months now and I can’t seem to find the time to get writing and sharing on this blog! Life was and still IS quite busy! Fortunately…my two older ones started summer break! Woohoo! Kind of nice to have a breather with schoolwork…and I’m looking forward to some slower days with summer!

So here I am…finally taking some time to getting back on track with this blog!

For starters, I thought I’d just share a few photos that just make me smile!

Here’s my daughter’s expression as she was listening to friends and family sing her “Happy Birthday” for the first time on her 1st birthday!

She literally devoured her cupcake in seconds!

I think she wasn’t quite sure what happened to all that delicious, fluffy sweet stuff!

Hmmm…where did it go?

The same month my JellyBean turned one…my little buddy also turned 6!

Here’s me and my little buddy who’s growing up so fast! I had him take a picture with me the day after his birthday! I’m trying to be better at being in the photos with my kids.

Love you Buddy!

And thanks to my littler helper, M&M, who is behind the camera taking our picture!

Both my older kids love getting a chance to hold the camera and become the photographer for a change.

How about you? Life been busy? I hope the summer is the beginning of slower days so you can enjoy the life and love that everyday brings!

Until next time…

ONE and a prayer…

Yes…my youngest ( JellyBean) turned ONE recently!

With her birthday came a flood of emotions as I remembered the day she was born! My husband and I rushed to the hospital! Our family had been waiting for her to finally arrive!

It was an amazing time. It was beautiful! Being there for when she was born was a gift from God and a kindness given to our family by my daughter’s mom (birthmom).

My husband sat in the waiting room. I brought my camera along knowing I wanted to take pictures. Of course, if her mom allowed it.

I’m so grateful I was able to capture this time in our lives for my daughter, her mom, and our family.

My hope is that she will treasure these photos and be able to see how much she was loved from the very beginning.

Dear JellyBean,

I can’t believe you’re ONE! You are so much my heart!

Daddy loves you! Your big sister and brother love you! And I…we… can’t imagine life…our family…without you!

My hope is that you will see, learn, and know what an extraordinary blessing you are in life!

That you were perfectly and wonderfully made!

And that from the very beginning…you were loved!

I wanted to share this song “A Mother’s Prayer” with you.  I truly believe that this song encompasses what you’re mother’s hope and prayer was and will always be for you!

I love you SO much my little princess!

~your mommy


“A Mother’s Prayer”

I pray you’ll be my eyes
And watch her where she goes
And help her to be wise
Help me to let go

Every mother’s prayer
Every child knows
Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she’ll be safe

I pray she finds your light
And holds it in her heart
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where you are

Every mother’s prayer
Every child knows
Need to find a place
Guide her to a place
Give her faith so she’ll be safe

Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she’ll be safe