Creative Design

Think of me as your personal creative designer.  What I want to do is create, choose, and organize various elements- typography, images, and the so called “white space” around them – to express your love & life! I want to best express you, a loved one, friend or family!

So what can I design for you?

Here’s a list of some of the things I can custom design for you.

– invitations, greeting cards, postcards, note cards, note pads, business cards, address labels, letterheads, & envelopes

– bookmarks, magnets

– coffee table style books, notebooks,  journals

– fabric – 8×8, 18×24, fabric (by the yard). If you know someone who loves to sew or quilt, these would make a great gift.

These are just examples of things that can customize your  special event or affair whether you are trying to tie a theme together or customize everything with your own personal touch. These also make great gifts too!

Let me help you design what you have in mind. If you’re not sure if it can be done, please ask me! My custom design rate ranges depending on what you have done and the type of product you wish to create.

You can contact me via my contact page or email me at

Below you’ll find a few examples of what i’ve created for others.  To see currently available designs, click  here to see pre-designed cards.


I love designing cards that express you, your loved one, or family! Let me help you create a perfect design/layout for that special occasion. I can custom design/draw images based on your ideas or photos you’ve taken yourself or use a photo i’ve taken for you and customize that birth announcement, birthday card, holiday card, or any card you need. I do accept photos taken by professional photographers however you would need a copyright release form to do so.

I also have pre-designed cards that you can purchase (go to the “Pre-Designed Cards” page and you’ll find details on how this works).

Coffee Table-Style Story Books

A wonderful gift or keepsake is a storybook that’s made especially for you and/or that special occasion.  This is more than just a photobook. I will capture your story through pictures and words.

Click the book’s thumbnails below to see examples of storybooks i’ve created. These are shortened versions and do not include all original pages.

Thanks for your time! =)