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Back on the blog…

This blog has been neglected way too long. Time to get back to sharing things. My blog is really like my life in a way. There’s times I’m just on top of it and then when things get neglected…boy, do they get neglected. And I have a hard time just mustering up the energy to face things on and finally deal with things. That’s me. An “avoider” of sorts.

Well, I’ve decided it’s time to just jump in and do whatever I can with what energy/thoughts I have.

So here I am…back on the blog…and hopefully, back into parts of my life that I’ve been wanting to take care of. 

Though I don’t have a personal picture to share with you yet, I though I’d leave you with this beautiful and inspiring video of life & love in Paraguay!


Until next time…


Eyes NOT required {Authentic Life & Love}

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.
Swami Vivekananda

It’s our human nature to look at our shortcomings. To believe that we can’t do whatever it is because we believe we lack what’s needed or required to accomplish our dreams. So often, we don’t even step out and make effort.  We stop before we’ve even tried.

The New York Time’s article begins “Sometimes when she’s taking pictures, Sonia Soberats forgets she cannot see.” Yes…you read that right! Sonia cannot see! Yet…she’s taking pictures!

I love that! Basically, who cares what you don’t have (or do have for that matter)…just do it!

Read more about Sonia and see more of her amazing photos by clicking on the photo below.

Sonia Soberats/Seeing With Photography Collective
“Movements of Light.”

This is part of the series of Authentic Life & Love…Discoveries in search of being real and true to who I am!

Until next time…

Beautiful Eyes : I Heart Faces {Challenge}

This post is an entry into the I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge.  The theme is “Beautiful Eyes”.   I had a couple of photos that came to mind but this 9 month old’s eyes won me over. I love how big her eyes are and how you can almost make out the reflection of the grass, trees and sky from the park that day (click on photo to enlarge image).

Check out more  entries to the “Beautiful Eyes” challenge by clicking on the I Heart Faces button below!

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Sneak Peek {family}: Harvard student in training

Sharing a couple of photos from a family session during a recent trip to San Diego!

Little J loves books! He’s definitely one smart little guy! He’s not even 3 years old and he’s already decided that he’s going to Harvard when he goes to college! Doesn’t that just make you smile!

More to come soon!

Until next time…

Finally…a sneak peek!

Okay, I thought I’d share at least one picture with you so I can finally have a post on here.  This is a picture of my cousin’s son M who just turned one in December. The family finally had a chance to come over for a session right before the Atlanta snow storm a few weeks ago.   I just loved his hat! So cute!

I’ll be posting more pics from this session soon.

Until next time…

Another first…

This year, I hope to share more posts and photos about me and my family. Throughout my blog, I’ve often encouraged you to capture your life and love and so I was thinking it would probably be nice to try and share with you more of the life and love I live and try to capture.

This is one part of my life and love…my daughter, M! I can’t even begin to express to you how much I love her.

She’s my little lady!

This was M at 16 months. ..


My 16 month old is now 6 years old and has been hoping that a tooth would fall off since the beginning of last year (and at that time, not one tooth was loose).  I finally took a picture of her loose tooth a couple of days ago and good thing since her first tooth finally came out last night while we were watching TV.  I was so excited for her but also sad…my little baby girl is growing up fast! When your baby is born, you anticipate the developmental milestones in their lives. I remembered looking forward to and being so excited for every firsts…like her first smile, first words, first time she started eating solids and her first birthday.  (And maybe I’m wrong to feel this way but now…) I’m not as excited about the up and coming “firsts”.  Of course, I will love them and celebrate them as they come…but this first tooth in my hand just confirms how quickly she’s moving along this road of life and I desire to cherish and be present in every moment of this life I get to share with this very special person.

I love you M! ♥ mommy

Until next time…

Embracing 2011…

I’m not sure  how to exactly start this post since I’ve been absent from my blog for some time now.  I can’t believe my last post was about my daughter’s birthday party back in October 2010.  It’s 2011!!! It’s a new year!!!  I wish I could share with you all of the posts I’ve attempted to write so you could see that I haven’t been trying to neglect my blog.  No, it’s not neglect. Honestly, I’ve probably spent TOO much time thinking about it rather than just sharing what I do.  It’s just not easy for me to come up with words to fill up a post I feel would be worthy of sharing (and lack of time in the holidays is a big factor too!). Since my wonderland posts, I actually have numerous photos that I’ve been hoping to share with you.  So rather than continuing to allow the lack of words to prevent me from sharing pictures with you, I’m deciding here and now that no posts helps no one (and at the very least doesn’t help me) and so it’s got to be all about the photos (I’ve just got to share all the amazing lives and loves I’m having the pleasure of capturing through my lens).

It’s ironic how my last post was called Embracing the Camera: Taking hold of Wonderland.  I didn’t call my embracing the camera a resolution at the time but it basically is.  And honestly, it’s more than just about the camera. I truly believe that life is short and it’s so important to LIVE life and love everyday.  It’s about me becoming more conscious of and making the actual effort to “embracing MY part” of the life, love and memories I want to give to my husband, kids, family, friends and people I get the opportunity to meet everyday.  One of my desires (I think a better word than resolution) for this year is taking hold of this wonderland of life God’s given me!  =) With that, I think more pictures and fewer words will be okay. Also, there may be stretches of time I’m not able to post since I’m trying to enjoy this wonderful life I have been given and I’m learning (growing) that that’s okay too. =)

So here are a few of the pictures I’ve been hoping to share with you from the past couple of months…hopefully I’ll be able to post more pictures from some of these different sessions later.

oh…and here’s me embracing the camera! =)

I hope 2011 is filled with many expressions of  your life and love!! Remember to capture them as they come!

I know it’s not Thursday but I wanted to share this button with you anyway since embracing the camera was first inspired by Emily Anderson and her blog.

Until next time…