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From your feet to your heart…

Sorry for  my long absence. I am keeping up with taking a photo (or two) a day but I haven’t gotten a chance to share anything on the blog yet since the first time I mentioned that I was starting the 365 project this year.  I did start another blog “LIFE&LOVE365” to share those everyday photos with you but that’s lagging behind on updates too. You can find the link in the menu above or just click here.

I’m going to figure this out eventually.  Any advice out there on how you manage your time with blogging and everyday life? Well, hopefully I’ll figure this out!

In the meantime, thought I’d share this shot I captured this week during a senior shoot with a talented and beautiful homeschooler.


“Your feet will take you to where your heart is.”
Irish Proverb

Thought the quote was a perfect fit.

Until next time…and hopefully that’s sooner than later! 🙂


NOT “little” anymore! {San Diego Senior Portrait Session}

I really love getting to take pictures of seniors! It’s such an exciting time in life.  It’s a time that marks accomplishment, independence and new beginnings.

This particular session was extra special because for this session, I was photographing my niece. I still can’t believe that my “little” niece will be graduating in June 2013! She’s definitely not “little” anymore!

Love you M!

Until next time…

What’s been going on?

I’m back! I’ve been busy! I had a friends wedding in Michigan several weeks ago and then two photography projects for local schools I’ve been working on.

Finally done with the two projects! Now, I can take a deep breath and have a little time to spend on my blog.

I’ll be sharing more with you soon but for now here’s a few photos from one of my senior shoots during a homeschool group’s “school” photos.

Until next time…

The Blue Dress & a Saxaphone {senior portraits}

Here’s a few shots from a photoshoot I had with a beautiful, smart, and talented senior a few weeks ago.   Since she  plays the saxaphone for her high school band, I thought it would be a fun addition to her session.  I love finding ways to uniquely capture each individual person or family in their pictures!

To see more photos from this session, click on my FB page here.

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Until next time…

Sneek Peek: The Saxaphone {senior portraits}

I have so many favorites from this recent senior portrait session, but this may be just the one that tops the list.

I’ll be sharing more pictures with you soon!

Until next time…