Small parts and moving objects…

I have a number of friends and family that have had babies or are expecting the arrival of their little ones soon.  With that, I thought it would be a great time to give parents out there a few ideas on what to capture as you get snap happy with your camera!

Here are just a few small parts to remember when you go to take photos of your little bundle of joy.

1. The little hairs on their head…

2.  Rolls and wrinkles…

3. Those small hands and tiny fingers

4.  Feet and toes

And don’t forget those moving objects! 😉 Babies don’t always have to be still…and you know more than I do…they won’t be! =)

So to all you new parents out there…enjoy your new ones and just keep taking pictures!

Don’t look for that perfect shot…it’s just about capturing these moments as you live and love them.  And hopefully one or two of those shots will perfectly express your life and love … and that’s all you need. =)

You”ll treasure those forever!


Until next time…


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