Family Time: The Weekly Kid’s Co-op

I’ve joined a group of awesome bloggers who are coming together online to share their love for family! This group will be sharing their favorite family friendly, unique, fun and/or educational activities with you all in one spot called The Weekly Kids Co-op!  So basically, each week we’ll be getting together to share our favorite family friendly activity and we’ll also be asking YOU to share your favorites as well.  

If you’re like me, I’m always looking for great ideas, tips, tricks to help me in this crazy thing called “Life with Kids!”

So here’s my Weekly Kid’s Co-op activity for the week…

Family Time!

I know this isn’t a new concept or activity but we all need little reminders in life don’t we?

Well, this past week, my husband and I finally decided we needed to just spend some quality family time together.

My husband works all week and I am home with the kids all day…yes! ALL 3 kids! Well, except for two days per week where my daughter M&M goes to school and my little buddy goes 1 day per week; otherwise, I’m home with the kids.

Now you’d figure that being home with the kids most days would allow for me to have that quality time…well…not exactly.

Homeschooling requires time just as much as other things in my life and so honestly, it becomes one of the many things to do in my days… at least right now with a 10 month old crawling around at my feet! =)

So having quality time can easily be missed.  Especially what our kids consider quality time.

In my opinion, quality time is undivided attention. It’s time I can spend not being distracted by something else and just enjoying the moment for what it is!

We did that this past weekend with my kids.

My kids love bowling! I’m not sure why they love it so much when they’ve done it only a handful of times but they totally do. Funny what are kids LOVE right?

Anyway, we had such a great time!

We only bowled for 2 games (maybe an hour and a half total…2 at the most) and all of us had a blast!

Here are a few photos from our time together…

Quality time is hard to make happen! Believe me… I know! We get pushed and pulled in so many different directions but spending time where we aren’t distracted and can focus on our family is so important!

Do you make family time  a priority in your family? What do you like to do when you do spend that quality family time together?

Please do share, I would love to get more ideas of fun things to do together.

And one last thing…don’t forget to have your camera with you! As a photographer, I truly believe that every part of our life is beautiful and is camera worthy! I hope you take the time to express your life and love through your family this week and capture some of those to times to remember forever! =)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post for this week’s  Weekly Kid’s Co-op .

Remember, this is The Kid’s Weekly Co-op so we’ll be back every week with great activities and ideas to share.  And if you have some to share as well, please join us!

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Until next time…

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