Birthday cards

January just seemed to fly by! February is on warp speed.  And I just celebrated a birthday in February which brings me to the title of my post…”Birthday Cards”.

My favorite birthday cards always come from my kids. You can count on them making me either smile and melt or smile and laugh at loud! And this year, I both melted and laughed out loud. =)

My first card was handed to me by my little buddy.

“This is for you mommy! Happy Birthday!”  I immediately said thank you and held him on my lap as I proceeded to read the paper he handed to me.

It’s a card made from computer paper that’s usually found atop my printer. It’s folded in half.

Front page reads…

From: Your Buddy (with 2 stick figures…one taller and the other smaller)

I  open the card…

“I love you so much.”

Back of card…


Melt my heart! I gave him a big hug and he gave me the biggest smile! These are the moments that makes being a mom all worth it!

My daughter gave me a birthday card too.

Front of the card reads…

To: somewone special (Mommy)   Note: “somewone” is not a misspell.  She wrote it exactly as is! =)

From: M&M

smiley face =)

I open the card…

Happy Birthday Mommy your “20″ wow you look young to be “20”!!!! 🙂   And no, i’m not 20 but you get the picture! 😉

love, M&M

p.s.  You’re the best! 

I had a BIG smile and was laughing out loud inside!

That’s why I love homemade cards…you can’t buy this kind of love and laughs! =)

Do you love home made birthday cards as much as I do?

Well, I hope you enjoy “your day” this 2012 and I hope you get to enjoy some homemade birthday cards too!

Until next time…


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