A Christmas Extension

For some, Christmas has come and gone. I am fully aware that there are many who have already packed up the holiday ornaments soon after December 25th in preparations for the new year. I’m not so inclined to put the decorations away yet; in part because it wasn’t until a week and a half before Christmas that I finally got our tree up this year.  Anyway, our Christmas decorations are only a few of the pretty and tidy things I have around the house right now! Since going on vacation right after Christmas and having been back for only a couple of days, our house is currently under clean up from the annual tornado that hits our home sometime during the holidays.  And if you’ve already read my previous post, you know I’m working on  “BEING” in the moment and so I’m trying very hard not to succumb to the pressures I personally feel with having to get myself in some kind of order for the new year and that order points to having to get the Christmas decorations down and put away!

I know I’m not the only one who feels this pressure around this time of year.  Am I? My husband said to me earlier today, “We have to take the Christmas tree down today!” to which I immediately but calmly replied, “Why?”. He reminds me it’s January. January? What made January 1st (or even December 31st) as the day Christmas officially ends?

I just have to ask…Why are we so quick to put away the decorations? I’m sure there’s a possible number of reasons for the need to get the decorations out of the house.  Is it crazy to want to have the decorations up just for a little bit longer?

If you are one of those who’s already put the decorations away I hope this doesn’t bother you at all! I wish my life would allow for such organization at the moment!  There’s definitely nothing wrong with having your decorations put away.  I’m just wanting to say that there’s nothing wrong with having decorations up past January 1st ( probably an attempt at convincing myself that it’s okay that I have nothing put away).

So I’ve decided to allow myself a little Christmas extension.  I’ll eventually get those decorations down but for now, they’re still up in my house. And who knows…it may actually be a week or two before I can get them down. But I’ll get them down.  I am absolutely sure I’ll have all my decorations down before Valentines day! 😉 Now if you happen to come over to my house next month and see cupid along side decorations on a tree…PLEASE help this girl out! lol! =)

Finally, on the topic of Christmas, here are a few photos from the north pole (a fun Christmas session I did in December)! =)

I’ll be sharing more from this session in the next post so check back soon!

Thanks for reading!


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