Rudolph gets a haircut!

I didn’t get to share these photos last year (taken sometime during a family’s photo session) but thought what more perfect time than now to share them with you.  =)

A photo I took of Rudolph before his sweet friend’s family photo session.

Little did I know why I would be taking a before picture of Rudolph.

Eventually…it was made clear why! =)

Notice Rudolph’s beautiful tuft of hair on top of his head.

So here’s Rudolph after…


Not only did Rudolph get his haircut but even his tail got a trim! lol! =)

Sorry Rudy!

I don’t know when and how your sweet and adorable friend found the time to become a barber but somehow she did.

Hopefully everything has grown back out by now! =)

And final note…BEWARE of cute adorable girls with scissors!

Until next time…


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