It is a wonderful life!…Really!

It’s December! Christmas is right around the corner and I’m trying to not get caught up with all the hustle and the bustle that this holiday season brings.  It’s a fight for me to remember what this season is really about.  I have to let go of my desires for the beautiful decorations, perfect gifts and even family traditions and hold on to remembering Christ, his life and what he desires from me…Love God and Love others.  And no, it’s not LOVE through the presents under the tree…the immediate tangible things but the intangible…love, kindness, joy, peace and the like…things that take so much more of ME and my time to give.

Having said that,  we’re excited to find ways to give LOVE together as a family. We’re looking to find ways to give love other than giving money and/or buying something for someone though this is important to do too. It’s just that I want my kids to understand they can give to anyone even without having money.  And it’s more than just the actual action of giving (handing someone something) but it’s making sure their heart is in it as well. I want my kids to learn that it’s not giving just to make themselves feel better or not feel guilty for not giving, but it’s about seeing and understanding that we do have a wonderful life and so out of a full & grateful heart, we give (money and more)!

This week, we’re starting out with helping at a local non-profit’s end of the year celebration for one of their programs/activities.  My kids are really excited to do something.  What are we going to be doing exactly?  I’m not sure. But I am grateful that our family gets to join together and help out an organization I know does amazing work.  I’ll let you know how it goes. =)

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