Beautiful Eyes : I Heart Faces {Challenge}

This post is an entry into the I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge.  The theme is “Beautiful Eyes”.   I had a couple of photos that came to mind but this 9 month old’s eyes won me over. I love how big her eyes are and how you can almost make out the reflection of the grass, trees and sky from the park that day (click on photo to enlarge image).

Check out more  entries to the “Beautiful Eyes” challenge by clicking on the I Heart Faces button below!

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Eyes : I Heart Faces {Challenge}

  1. Ros

    Such huge eyes!
    I love how the rest of the photo is made of washed out color (very pale) that makes those beautiful eyes really stand out.
    Great job!
    (and thanks a lot for commenting. was a really nice surprise. I should do my homework to. I wasn’t too sure how to do it last night as I was more concerned about not missing the deadline, haha)


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