Liam: The little warrior & his amazing family

I have to preface this by saying that I’ve had the most difficult time writing this post! Honestly, I’ve been working on this post for weeks.  This is probably the hardest post I’ve had to write.   It’s not that I don’t have the pictures to share with you edited and ready to go. On the contrary, I’ve had these pictures done for a few weeks now. I think my struggle comes from the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of an amazing family and trying to summarize in words what I saw with my eyes and felt with my heart just seems impossible.

How do you share about a family that has a child who is battling for his life? How do you find words worthy to share about a family that loves, laughs and finds joy even through a storm?

I’m not a writer by nature and so rather than try and use words that seem to fall short, I’ll just share a few things about this family (with their permission) and then just jump into sharing some photos from this session that hopefully give you a glimpse into & understanding of why this family has touched my heart.

This is Liam!

Liam is a warrior! At just 3 months old, Liam had his first seizure.  He was just a little over 6 months old when I took these pictures of him and his family. He is currently diagnosed with infantile spasms (seizures) and cerebral atrophy though mitochondrial disease is still being ruled out.  His infantile spasms (or seizures) last 1-2 seconds and can occur once or in a cluster of 5-20 on a daily basis.  Liam is improving everyday but his family is hoping that with his seizure medication, managed diet, and physical therapy, their little warrior will be able to hold his head up again and eat from a bottle one day soon. (Update: He’s beginning to be able to take a few ounces of food from a bottle! Yay!!!)

The siblings…

Liam’s big sister M!

I love how this photo just captures her breathing him in!

The beautiful family of 4!

Big sister M was eventually getting tired of me taking pictures but dad was wonderful at helping me keep his little princess smiling.

Eventually M was done and left the scene but it gave us a chance to capture mom & dad with their sweet angel warrior.

Daddy and his little princess…

Sweet daddy rocking his tired baby…

Time to get the little warrior down for his nap…

And this has to be one of my favorite series of shots from the day! Mommy and her princess…

giving kisses…

and being silly!

More pure sweetness…

If you’re reading this and are touched by this family as well, I know Liam and his family could sure use your prayers!!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Until next time…

p.s.   S+M, you both are such wonderful parents… full of love, hope and strength! I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes but I know Liam is the warrior that he is because of the two of you!

Please know that Liam and your family are in my prayers! And even my children, though they haven’t met the little warrior, pray for him every night.


3 thoughts on “Liam: The little warrior & his amazing family

  1. Sasha Stine

    THESE ARE EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Treasured for a lifetime! I will forever be thankful for you spending the day with us and for all of the prayers for our warrior and entire family! Thank you so much Angelica. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Much love,

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