Bright & Vivid: I Heart Faces {Challenge}

Having started over with a new baby in our home, it’s been a bit harder to keep up with blogging (and photography for that matter) but I’m so grateful that there are people/sites out there that make it easy for me to share some pictures with you without thinking to hard about what to share! This week’s  I Heart Faces (IHF) challenge is Bright & Vivid.

I found this photo I took a while back for a people photography class.  This photo was shot for the topic of environmental portraiture, portraits taken of people in a situation that they live in (work, rest or play) and/or a place that says something about who they are.   After one of my son’s usual haircuts, I asked the hairstylist if she wouldn’t mind taking a photo for me.  This was the shot I got…

I love environmental portraiture!  Whether it’s photojournalism or environmental portraiture, these are the kinds of shots I love…shots that capture my family/friends or clients life and will later be photos that remind them of what life is like and/or who they were at this particular point in time of their lives.

If you’d like to learn a little more about environmental portraiture, there’s a simple but great post from Digital Photography School that discusses this very topic. Check it out HERE.

To check out more photos from the Bright & Vivid Challenge, click on the IHF’ button below…

Thanks for checking out my post and blog!

Until next time…


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