From a distance: I Heart Faces {Challenge}

I would like to preface my photo I’ll be sharing with you by saying two things.

First, I’ve recently discovered a love for my camera phone!  Inspired by fun photos that are popping up all over the place thanks to fun photography apps, I’m on the search for the best photo apps for my android.  If you’re like me, I love bringing my camera most everywhere but with a newborn in hand and two other kids in tow, getting my camera out to capture those “life as it happens moments”  isn’t easy and always convenient.  And more often than not (at least for me and my life), by the time I get my DSLR  out, the moment I was hoping to catch had just passed.   My camera phone somehow is always in hand and helps increase my chances of capturing that shot at least for the simple reason of capturing that moment.  Later, if I have the time to grab my DSLR, I can then try and capture the shot again with no pressure to do so.   For me, I’ve definitely found my camera phone not only a fun alternative to my DSLR (and/or point and shoot) but so convenient and easy!

Secondly, though composition is always in the back of any photographer’s mind, it’s been in the forefront of my mind since Susan Keller’s recent composition post on I HEART FACES.  So here’s what I spied with my little eye sometime last week with composition in mind and my camera phone on hand…my little JellyBean‘s face taken from the front seat passenger’s side of the car as I looked back to check on the kiddos (and I have 3 of them).  Do you see her face?

If you haven’t tried using your camera phone or some of those amazing photo apps, I highly recommend going for it! It’s so much fun and highly addicting.  And for those who are using their camera phones, how do you compose your shot?  The photo above was taken using the free vignette demo app.  Well, thanks for checking out my photo and blog!

And one last thing,  show some love for I Heart Faces by clicking on their button below.  I HEART FACES is my newest find and I’m LOVING it! Check them out!

Until next time…


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