Another first…

This year, I hope to share more posts and photos about me and my family. Throughout my blog, I’ve often encouraged you to capture your life and love and so I was thinking it would probably be nice to try and share with you more of the life and love I live and try to capture.

This is one part of my life and love…my daughter, M! I can’t even begin to express to you how much I love her.

She’s my little lady!

This was M at 16 months. ..


My 16 month old is now 6 years old and has been hoping that a tooth would fall off since the beginning of last year (and at that time, not one tooth was loose).  I finally took a picture of her loose tooth a couple of days ago and good thing since her first tooth finally came out last night while we were watching TV.  I was so excited for her but also sad…my little baby girl is growing up fast! When your baby is born, you anticipate the developmental milestones in their lives. I remembered looking forward to and being so excited for every firsts…like her first smile, first words, first time she started eating solids and her first birthday.  (And maybe I’m wrong to feel this way but now…) I’m not as excited about the up and coming “firsts”.  Of course, I will love them and celebrate them as they come…but this first tooth in my hand just confirms how quickly she’s moving along this road of life and I desire to cherish and be present in every moment of this life I get to share with this very special person.

I love you M! ♥ mommy

Until next time…


17 thoughts on “Another first…

  1. frannie

    awww!! So sweet! I am with you! It gets harder and harder to watch it all unfold and know that my 4 year old will be packing for college next week.


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