My weekend to breathe and recharge…

This past Friday, I headed to the mountains with some girlfriends and left the kids with the hubby for a couple of days. It was an amazing time!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been away to have some personal me time.  I love my husband, my kids and my life…but life definitely gets busy and finding time to breathe and recharge during my day to day life is difficult.  It was good to finally get away for a little while and remember that I’m not only a wife and mom but yes…a woman..with certain passions and desires.  I loved getting to spend time with friends and being reminded that my life (I am) more than an organized house, folded up and put away laundry, and a menu of the day.  Times like these…times away… help me to capture peace and become even more thankful and joyful.  I am so grateful for times to breathe and recharge!

Here are a few pictures from the house we rented up in the mountains.

Sunrise through the kitchen window…

Out on the deck…

What do you do to breathe and recharge and how often you get to do it?  Please do share.  I’d love to know.

Until next time…


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