2 Brothers & a Sister: Always a life of love, laughter & crying…I mean fun!

What do you get when you have two older brothers and a younger sister getting together with their baby cousin for part of the day? Isn’t it always a party? =) Well, the same day we had Baby C’s pictures taken (previous post), her cousins were also over the house to hang out with family and to sneak in a few pics too.

Here are some of the shots of the cousins together in the house…

Not sure how one of the boys ended up wearing the flowered headband…but as I was reviewing the pictures, I was definitely laughing out loud and smiling at how hilarious these kids are. These are kids of one of my closest friends and here are more pictures that totally express their colorful personalities. They are so much fun! And no, little sister isn’t disgusted…that’s her “smile for the camera” face! =)

After some fun in the house, we headed outside.

First, I asked little sister to sit on the chair and for her brothers to go around her for pictures.  The first shot…

…okay. But then, the kids started loosening up…sort of. =)

I loved these series of shots! For some, it may be the imperfect shot…meaning not everyone is smiling and looking at the camera all together at one time…but that’s probably why I love them even more.  I don’t know about you but I don’t think anyone in my family can be found looking at the same thing at any one time unless we’re watching the TV or big screen. And even then, what captures our attention may be totally different.  So I do love these shots since, to me, they capture what really happens behind every camera…and probably, what real life is like with 2 brothers and a sister. =)

N-O-W these kids are being real with me. =) lol!  Hopefully mom and dad find this as amusing and fun to look at as I do.

Of course, I’ve got to share some of the “normal shots” too…=)

Little sister was so cute. I couldn’t help taking a few more pictures of her with the pink balloon.

I just love these guys!

Hope you enjoyed the pics C!


2 thoughts on “2 Brothers & a Sister: Always a life of love, laughter & crying…I mean fun!

  1. Crystal

    LOVE THEM! I love the card at the end too. I think I want to get those just for note cards for everyday! THANK YOU. You really are great at capturing our lives. Hugs and see you soon.


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