Baby C

I’m sorry that I’ve neglected the blog lately. It’s not that I haven’t had any pictures or ideas/thoughts to share, but with a husband whose been extra busy at work this month, homeschooling a kindergartner, driving another one to preschool,  and the normal ins and outs of being a stay-at-home mom, i’ve been quite busy…to say the least.  So, I wanted to try and get on the ball and post some pictures that are long overdue to be shared…

Here’s a lil’ cutie pie…Baby C! Her parents wanted to take a few pics of the family as baby C turned 6 months old.

So we started out in their nice, big backyard.

What is it about stacked blocks that just tempts those little hands to reach over and grab them?  I think they love that cause and effect of their actual touching the blocks causing everything to fall down. =)

Don’t babies, nuzzles and kisses just go together?

And for those of you with kids, do you remember when that little squirmy worm decides to relax in your arms and hold you so sweetly. Baby C just loves her daddy!

Since the day was getting pretty hot, we could only stay outside for a short amount of time.  We soon headed inside the house to take a few more shots there.

Here’s a few of baby C on the couch all by herself. =)

Thanks for letting me come over D & K! I enjoyed getting to take pictures of your beautiful little princess and family! =)

Until next time…


One thought on “Baby C

  1. Crystal

    gorgeous! Love the last one of mom and baby! and the last three are too amazing! and the black&white of dad and baby! Great work.


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