Visiting Hotlanta!

This is a little shoot I got to take of my cousin and her friend visiting Atlanta in July.  They are college students coming up to visit from Southern Alabama, trying to enjoy the summer before they headed back to school. After their earlier visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens off Piedmont Park, I picked them up and drove them through my old stomping grounds around the Emory and midtown areas of Atlanta.  I’d been meaning to find people to model for me in various locations around Atlanta so I was super excited that these girls were willing and able to have me photograph them.  I could have taken pictures of these girls all day! I LOVE urban shots!

Some of the cool “art” around town! I just love it!

Have you ever wanted to take photos in locations such as these? Well, I have several locations I’m hoping to take shots in. If you love the urban shots too, leave a comment below and i’ll be choosing someone to win a free 1 hour photosession at one of several urban locations I’m wanting to include in my portfolio.  The urban locations are in Marietta, Roswell, Norcross, Virgina Highlands, and around the Downtown Atlanta area.  The winner must be willing to drive to any one of these locations and schedule the shoot sometime before December 18, 2010. The winner will also receive between 15-20 images on disk with copyright release to make as many prints (up to 8×10) as you’d like.

This is my first giveaway of its kind. I’m not sure how this will go but giving it a shot…I may just have to revert to soliciting friends and family to model for me.  I’m hoping that I at least have one loyal reader who would love to win this for his/herself  or know someone that might love to win this session. Just send them a link to my blogsite and have them comment below this post. Contest starts today, Friday, August 27.  I will announce a winner by Tuesday, August 31st.

Note…I know this may not be some people’s style. Stay tuned as I’m planning on having another giveaway for more outdoor/park style shots and/or shots that just use ideas that I have stored in this brain of mine. =)

Well, i’m outta here for now…

PEACE! Hahaha! So much fun!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Visiting Hotlanta!

  1. frannie

    I would LOVE to do some shots like these!! They are great and I think they would make a really different kind of family portrait!

    And I love the really colorful outfits in one of your other posts about what to wear to a photo shoot– I think it would go great with the urban shots!

  2. Crystal

    Love the pics! Your work is really moving forward. Would love to see the kids in a fun urban setting (so really not us!). Keep shooting – your work is beautiful.

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