Summer 2010…

This post is basically my way of catching you up with what’s been going on with me this summer. I don’t know about you but the summer has just been a whirlwind for me. I can’t believe summer is about over and fall is coming just around the corner.  Is it just me or is time really flying by?  The last time I posted about me, I think it was pertaining to our family trip to Orlando, Florida sometime around Memorial Day weekend.  Since then, we’ve had play dates at the pool, visiting friends, trips to local fun spots around Atlanta, and an out of town trip to beautiful San Diego, California.  Since that trip, I’ve been trying to catch up with photos that need to be edited and most recently, preparing for the kids to go back to school.

With back to school, this year will be a milestone for our family as my oldest daughter starts kindergarten and our family begins our journey into homeschooling.  We’ve decided to keep my son in preschool where he attended last year. My thinking is I can focus on getting used to the whole homeschooling schedule with my daughter before I jump into it with two kids.   We’ll see how this goes but all in all, I’m really excited.  I hope to share with you what what we’re doing and learning.

As I’ve had a photo in every post so far, I wanted to have at least one photo to share with you today.  Actually, here are several photos from from our family’s visit to the Sunflower festival in Rutledge, GA during the July 4th weekend. If you live in GA and haven’t been to this festival yet, I highly recommend it.  This was our first year going to the festival.  We’re looking forward to next year already!

And if you didn’t notice before, yes…my daughter has a blue mouth and blue lips. She HAD TO HAVE a blue slushy! I couldn’t believe my husband bought her a blue slushy knowing I was wanting to take some family pictures. Oh well…

Until next time…


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