Twins, Mission Bay & Fun…

Here’s another chance I got to take out my camera and shoot while in San Diego! B & D have been friends of mine since high school. We lost touch after I moved to Atlanta for graduate school but with the wonderful world of Facebook, I’ve been able to reconnect with them over the past year or so. Isn’t Facebook awesome! Facebook has definitely helped to reconnect me with so many old friends and relatives that live hundreds (if not even thousands) of miles away.

Anyway, B&D have twins and they are just tons of fun! On this day, I was setting up for my sister’s engagement party at Mission Bay Park’s Playa Pacifica. B&D agreed to meet up with me so we could catch up and get some pictures in there too!

So here are some pics from that day…

As you’ll see, a walk towards the water…

led to some playing on the sand…

…and though B&D were probably not anticipating their kids getting into the water that day, mom & dad were laid back about everything and simply enjoyed their kids.

Yup, eventually Lil’ Z was in the water! =)

His sister, on the other hand, was totally fine just playing in the sand.

B&D, you guys are awesome! Thanks for meeting up with me, catching up and letting me take pictures of your family!

Until next time…


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