Friends & Time together = Picture Time!

I LOVE to have my camera and use it as much as possible.  And with all my trips, I always make it a “must-do” to visit with friends.  So of course, when the kids and I planned to meet up with R and J (during our July trip to San Diego), I couldn’t give up a chance to take pictures of these good friends . Thanks for dinner and a great time guys! My kids loved getting to swim in your backyard pool and I had a great time getting to see your beautiful new home.  My kids are already looking forward to coming over again the next time we’re in San Diego. =)

So here’s a few pics from that day…

Just having fun playing around in the yard.

Lil’ J…

Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Or at least trying to blow them! =)

And don’t we all have days like this…poor J, he wasn’t very happy here…

but that’s okay…kisses from mom…

and dad…

always help to make things all better! =)

Isn’t that what we all need…a little tenderness from the ones we love! =)

Until next time…


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