He’s halfway there!

That’s halfway to being 1 years old, that is. =) My cousin’s son turned 6 months old in June and she came over my place to take pictures.  June is the beginning of hot and humid weather here in Atlanta so we tried to get an early start in the morning and finish up as soon as possible.  I love getting to take pictures of them and then spending the rest of the day just hanging out at home and catching up. And my kids definitely love getting to play with their little cousin.

When I look at little M, I can’t believe that my own kids were once this small and young.  I have quite a few friends with new babies or a baby on the way. Sometimes, I have to admit that i’m longing to do it all over again. But of course, then there’s the other side that wonders if i can…do it all over again! Well, taking pictures of babies should suffice my desires for now! =)

Until next time…


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