Her Little Prince

I hate that I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog. I just got back from vacationing in San Diego last week and I think we’ve finally started to get back into the swing of things here at home.  I’ll probably share with you what’s been going on with me in another post but it’s been a busy summer. ..fun and awesome but BUSY! Since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to catch up with some photo editing. I’m also preparing to get the kids back to school.  My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten this year and we’re venturing out into the world of homeschooling. Yes, I’ll be a homeschooling mom.  My daughter will be attending a “school” where she’ll be taught by a teacher for about two days in the week and I’ll be teaching her the other 3 days of the week.  I could talk on and on about this but I’m digressing.  You’ll probably start to read about this new venture in our lives as we get started next month.  While my daughter is in kindergarten, my son will be in preschool 4 days/week.  Back to school is quickly approaching but as of now, we’re still on summer vacation and trying to enjoy these days left of summer.   Anyway, back to the reason I’m blogging….

These photos were taken while I got to visit a great friend (before I left for my San Diego trip).  You may recognize her because I have taken pictures of her before and shared them on this blog.  Though we didn’t get to take pictures for too long, I did want to get a few pictures of her preggo while visiting her.  She’s beautiful…such a great mom…and will soon be a mom to 3 boys!

I loved that she had this cute sign that her mom gave her to put in the baby’s room.  I thought it was perfect for the pictures.

This bed is actually in one corner of the baby’s room. I loved this too!

The second heir in line to the throne couldn’t resist and had to jump in bed with mom and be part of it all! =)

Although this photo wasn’t a crisp shot, it really caught my eye because it seemed to capture the moment in a mom’s day when our kids bring us utter joy and laughter.  It just makes me smile. =)

My fave from this session…

…a mom’s sweet kiss.

And the final look from a usually happy 5 year old that basically let me know “Lady, if you aren’t done taking pictures…we SHOULD be done…PLEASE!” (lol!)  =)

Until next time…


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