Photography Tip: FREE Photo Editing Software

You’ve heard of Photoshop but have you heard of GIMP? GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program that works just like Photoshop except it’s freeware meaning you can freely download and use the software. If you don’t have or want to spend the money on Photoshop or even PaintShop Pro, this might me the answer you’re looking for.  Before I had Photoshop, I used GIMP. Although GIMP does NOT support the CMYK color space there are current developments of CMYK plug-ins to support its use.  This shouldn’t matter for most people but for those that combine photos with graphic designs to create press products (i.e., business cards, greeting cards, stationary, etc.) the ability to work with CMYK is a big deal.

Here’s what GIMP’s screen (version 2.6.6) looks like…

If you’ve used photo editing tools such as iphoto or picasa, you know how easy it is to edit your photos.  GIMP requires a bit more know-how but it allows you to do so much more than these automatic photo editing tools (like those I just mentioned). If you’re adventurous and the type to just go for things and learn as you go, this will be right up your alley.  The installation is pretty straightforward.  On GIMP’s site, there are plenty of instructions on how and what else you’ll need to download and install it.  If you’re not tech saavy like me, i’d recommend having  someone to help you download this application.

The best way to learn to use GIMP is to just use it! (Like anything else really).  Well, I hope this post finds to be helpful.

Click HERE and you’ll be linked to where you can download GIMP for Windows.

Click HERE and you’ll be linked ot where you can download GIMP for Mac OS X.

For photographers, here are tutorials by the GIMPguru I think you’ll find very helpful.

Until next time…


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