The Beautiful Mama

I previously posted a sneak peek of this beautiful mama and I am finally getting to share more pictures from her session here.  She’s on baby #3 and expecting in just a few weeks days! I loved getting a chance to take her pictures!  But since she’s a photographer too, I was a bit nervous about how these would turn out and if she’d like them at all.  It was a relief to get an encouraging message from her after my last sneak peek post! Thanks J!

By the way, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my style, I’m aiming to take photos that express you and your life.  Anyone who has me take pictures for them will be able to take a look back and remember what you did and how you felt at at that point in time.  With that said, you’ll notice that what I capture from one shoot to the next is totally different because each person, family, or event is different.

So let’s get to the pics…here’s a good friend and a beautiful mama!

J shared with me that she’s been craving milk, powdered donuts and Fruity Pebbles with baby #3.  So I had to take a photo break and let J enjoy some milk and powdered donuts! =)

This is a picture of big brother showing his little sister some love!

You can tell from this picture that mommy’s got a great helper and baby sister is going to have the sweetest big sister & best friend.

If you can’t tell by the picture, J is reading “Guess How Much I Love You!” to her little princess #2, the same book her and her husband had often read to their kids K and A.

This baby is going to be SO LOVED! A beautiful mama and family!


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