The beginning of Summer 2010

The summer has officially started! We’re in Orlando, Florida enjoying some time away. On our vacations, one of the things we love to do is sample the local foods. It’s a MUST DO on all our trips away from home. As you’ll notice if you read my blog, not only do I love photography, but I L-O-V-E  FOOD!!! And more than any kind or type of food…I love desserts.

So we tried 2 new spots (new to us since we haven’t ever tried it before)…first, we went to check out the Sweet Shoppe (from a family member’s recommendations) off  Lake Mary Blvd. in Lake Mary, Florida which is just north of Orlando.  It’s such a cute ice cream shop!

Photo taken from The Sweet Shop Facebook Page

We had gelato and a few other treats! I’m not a gelato expert so I can’t tell you it’s the best you’ll ever have. But it was good enough to satisfy my sweet cravings.  The gelato line-up that night included cioccolato (chocolate), vanilla, creme brule, caramello, key lime pie, lemon, mango, straciatella (hazelnut chocolate), coconut, gooey chocolate brownie, tiramisu and a few more flavors I can’t even remember.  In addition to gelatos, the shop also sells frozen yogurt (like Red Velevet Cake … YUM!) and soft serve ice cream. Man…the list goes on. Definitely a yummy place to be!

Note**** Since I’ll be posting away from home, the posted pictures will basically be limited to unedited raw pics from my camera.

The second place was Tijuana Flats, a tex-mex joint we ate at for lunch after church Sunday. Though you wouldn’t think much from the look of the place on the outside…

it’s actually a fun with funky atmosphere andgood place to eat.   There were cool little things about the place.One of the fun things about it is their “Hot Bar”. The Hot Bar has over 12 different hot sauces to choose from ranging in heat measured by these cute faces appropriately named sissy sauce, middle weight, tear jerker, and death wish.

Definitely a great little joint to enjoy some very good tex-mex food, and at the very least, sample some varieties of hot sauces!

So what would you recommend as “must eat” places in and around Atlanta? I guess there’s a difference between  “a must see and eat” kind of place like Varsity that is part of the Atlanta experience and just a “must eat” kind of place because you love the food and think it’s one of the best of its kind in Atlanta (and possibly any other place you’ve tried too!).  Either way, please share your thoughts. i’d love to know! I’m always looking for new things to eat and do in Atlanta! =)

Until next time…


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