Choo…Choo…All aboard!!!!

Earlier, I posted a sneak peek from the 3rd Annual All Aboard for  a Cure.  This walk was held in Thrasher’s Park located in Norcross, Georgia. If you haven’t been to this park before, you have to come check it out. It’s a great park! My kids loved the playground and as a photographer, it has great places to take pictures.  And for those who have kids that love trains like my son, there’s a nearby railroad track that often has trains rolling by.  My son loved this!

I have to share that the night before the walk, thunderstorms began. Even my kids had woken up in the middle of the night (or early morning really) to the crashing thunder that rolled overhead.  The event was going to happen rain or shine so I was just hoping the rain would go away by morning.   Amazingly, though it was a rainy day, it didn’t stop hundreds of people from walking in downtown Norcross to help raise awareness and money for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. As you’ll see in the pictures, even under tents and umbrellas, there was a lot of excitement, joy and fun to be had and people’s hearts truly shined that day.

So here are a few more pics from that day…

Baskets of fun being raffled off that day.  I bought a few tickets to try my luck but as usual, I didn’t win. I don’t think I ever win these kinds of things.

These are some of the beautiful people that help to make this wonderful event happen.

This little man just stole my attention when I first saw him. He was such a cutie and I LOVED his shirt.

Beautiful family, right?

Lisa (pictured below) as a mom, is already super busy but how she is able to handle planning an event like this on top of it…well, let’s just say she’s simply amazing!

I had to take pictures of these siblings. They were SO CUTE!!! I took this after the walk officially started.  Here they were sitting near the Park’s entrance patiently waiting for the walkers to make their way back to the park.

Love the colors of these bags!

This is HBO Crew that were performing that day. You’ve gotta love it when you can ask someone if you can take their pics and they immediately know what to do.  Thanks for an awesome pose guys!

These were a group girls from the Gwinnett Ballet that were filing off stage after a fun performance for the crowd.

What kid doesn’t love face painting! Such a great activity for any event.

Here’s mito man again!

And this is one of my faves of faves because this little angel, with the help of her parents, got off her wheelchair and walked through to the finish line.

There were so many more pictures. Stay tuned…as I said before, i’ll be adding a gallery from the walk. Also, I just posted a short slide show for this event.

If you find yourself in one of these photos and would like a copy, you can simply email me at and i’ll send you the jpeg file of the photo(s) for free.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Choo…Choo…All aboard!!!!

    1. angelicayimdesigns Post author

      Thank you Liz! I did get your email request as well. I’ll be getting those to you soon.


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