The Sweet “T”s

I’m not talking about the sweet variation of the tea you’d find popular in the Southern states but the sweet “T” family I got to photograph Easter weekend  (I posted a sneak peek of this family a few days ago).  After you see the photos, you’ll know why I had to title this post the Sweet “T”s.   Not only were mom and dad being so sweet to their boys but they would give each other the sweetest kisses and looks (even when I didn’t ask them too).   It’s such a special treat for me to capture what a family is all about! Like i’ve said before, photos are a perfect expression of love and life!

I can imagine what life in the T family is like…pure sweetness!

And a family as sweet as this has to be a lot of FUN!!!!


8 thoughts on “The Sweet “T”s

  1. frannie

    good luck to everyone entering the contest!! Angelica is amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Great photos! I love the one of Jai squatting down with his hands next to his face. I, also, like the b & w one of Frannie and Jett! They’re all good.

  3. Bree Collar

    I’m in agreeance with the b&w of Jett and Frannie. There is something so eternally sweet of the one where Jhett’s in Frannie’s arms, but he’s looking back like “mom…come on I want…” too precious! Also the b&w fam pic is killer.

  4. Mere

    My absoulte favorite is the one of Panya and Jai looking through the bridge. I also love the last of the whole family too.

    These are absolutely terrific!

  5. Katie

    I love the pic of Panya comforting Jett, but my fav is the color pic of Frannie holding Jai. It truly depicts Frannie’s inner beauty as a fantastic mom as well as her outer beauty, hair blowing in the breeze and minimal makeup needed. Great photos!

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