For the photographer at any level, I recently found this great community to share your photos online and in print called FOTOBLUR.

Fotoblur is a community of photographers that aims to encourage one another, vote for their “community favorites” to be featured on the home page and enjoy some great talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. What began as a small group of photographer friends in early 2007 has become  an international community of 2,500 members and is still growing.  The community has also created Fotoblur Magazine, an artistic photography publication through MagCloud (discussed in a previous post).

You can register for free and upload 1 image per day to your gallery. Of course, you can upgrade to a premium member for just $29.95/year which provides you with 5 photo uploads per day and several other benefits including a 1 year subscription to Fotoblur Magazine Digital Edition.  Online community members leave comments on your photos. For any photographer, it’s so encouraging to get feedback on your work. I’ve recently become a member and have really enjoyed it.  The first time I received a comment on an image I uploaded, I was so excited and found myself looking forward to seeing any new comments each time I logged in. Unlike other photography sites I’ve come across, I love that the site seems to focus primarily on the images and its photographers rather than articles and ads.

It’s rather addicting to sign in and browse through the photos that are shared. I love looking at the images and getting inspiration from not only the comments that people leave on your images but the amazing creativity that this community provides and encourages. If you haven’t visited this site before, please check it out. You’ll be in for a treat and I highly encourage you to share your photographs. It’s really a shame to have your pictures sitting in digital darkness in some unknown hard drive. That’s why I love digital photography and the online community that is created by the internet. Being able to easily share the work we do is awesome!

Here are a couple of the photos I have in my Fotoblur gallery.

Enjoy creating and sharing!

Until next time…


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