Fun for the young designer

Many of you may have little designers running around your home! My kids love to draw, color, paint, and create. Here’s a great find I stumbled upon for the little ones and any kid at any age.

These are art products for kids by Clementine Art that you can definitely feel good about using.  There’s crayons, markers, modeling clay, paint and glue.  Products are natural, certified non-toxic, and environmentally friendly…you’ve gotta love that! I love these and can’t wait to get them home in my kids hands and mine! =)

Also, just in time for Easter…check out these naturally dyed eggs!

from the Darling Clementine blog

Natural colorants like turmeric powder, red cabbage, grape juice, and beets give these eggs a variety of color.  It’s amazing how beautiful these look…and they’re safe too! You wouldn’t have to worry about what gets into your eggs with these dyes. =)

Happy Egg Coloring! Happy Designing!


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