Everyday Muse with an interesting note…MagCloud

Though it’s been a few days since my last post,  I’ve been logging in and working on it every couple of days.  For those that have visited my blog before, you’ll notice I’ve made some changes.  I changed my site’s theme to something simpler and rather than create a separate website, I decided to put these together in a concerted effort…to help you get to know me better, give you a glimpse of my work, save myself some money (important I think since i’m just starting out in this photography & design adventure), as well as document the progression of my photography & design. I’m feeling my way through this whole thing and hope you find something in here that is inspirational, helpful or at the very least interesting enough to finish reading.

So something I hope you find interesting from one of my regular internet surfs…

Have you been dreaming of creating your own magazine? Do you already have a name for it, the layout, your readers and the kinds of photos you’d love to use? Well, here’s a perfect site for you! MAGCLOUD!

MagCloud allows anyone to start a new, real printed magazine at little cost.  It’s print on-demand…very cool! Check it out here… http://magcloud.com/


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