The first of many…my everyday muses.

So this post isn’t about photography or design.  I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this somewhere in my blog or not…I think I have..but anyway, i’m a mom.  So as a mom, my life isn’t always about photography or design. Actually, it’s probably less of that and more of me just being a mom.  I’m a mom to 2 kids. My first one is about to start kindergarten in the fall and my second one is just following right behind her. I probably think about being a mom most because i’m a mom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, morning noon and night.  Yes…I am a wife too but the wife cap comes off somewhat when my husband goes off to work. So since my life isn’t all photography and design, i’m creating this category i’m calling my “Everyday Muses” to help me just share what this photographer/designer woman thinks about when i’m not taking photos or designing something for friends.

So here’s what’s on my mind.   I’m trying to figure out the balance between wife, mom, sister, friend, daughter, neighbor, and probably a handful more things I probably am to someone out there.  As a Christian woman, I think I know what my life should be like at my stage in life.  In a nutshell…A woman with a life centered around Christ, then her husband, kids, then others and loving it.

But having that life is easier said and thought of than done.  This is the desire of my heart.

To help me get there, I was reading a book on how to raise toddlers/kids.  Crazy how i’ll soon have one toddler moving up to being a…”kid”. Is that right? She isn’t a teen or preteen yet…oh please not yet! Hmmm…is there a category for where she’ll be at? Anyway, in the book I was reading, the writer says how as women we need friends. God is our perfect friend. Our husband should be our best friend but as she writes…”he (our husband) can only handle so many chick flicks, in-depth relationship psychoanalyses and fashion questions!”  I thought this was so funny and true! lol! So as wife and mom, we also need friends. As I write this i’m thinking why did I start writing about this book I was reading besides that it is a good book and helping me to have some spiritual inspirations in my life.  I think where I was going was that… I don’t have this life figured out. I’m trying to figure it out and enjoy it at the same time.  I was inspired by the writer of this book to make me think of my idea of the perfect friend and how truly God does and is the only one who can fit all my expectations/needs/wants of a perfect friend. I’m hoping to have him not only be the “center of my life” but my perfect friend. =)

If you’re wondering about this book i’m reading, here it is…


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