My blurb on Blurb and a wedding guestbook!

This past month, I made my third wedding guestbook using Blurb, an online site to create your own photo books.  If you don’t already know about photo books and/or know sites like this, you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to make your own book.  To me, these books come out just like the coffee table style books you’d find in your local bookstore.  Each time, i’m impressed by the quality of the printed books.  The great thing about this and similar sites is that you can print as little as one to hundreds of books.  Basically buy as needed.

If you’re a novice to the photobook making process, you can simply download their BookSmart program with built in page layouts.  For me, I’ve primarily created my own pages using photoshop and simply downloaded the pages I create into the BookSmart program.  For the expert, Blurb also allows you to use any design program of your choice. Of course, there are page guidelines that must be adhered to by both the novice and expert bookmaker and these are specified in their website.

So over the past year, I have personally loved creating wedding guestbooks that aim to tell the couple’s story.  Whether it’s their love story of how they met, or the things they love to do, I love creating something that is specially made just for them. I thought i’d share the wedding guestbook I created for my cousin’s wedding just this past February. It was created after looking over the couple’s wedding website and learning from the bride that they loved to travel and love traveling together.

I hope you enjoy looking at this and are inspired to make something that’s perfectly you!

click on the badge below to see the book preview…

Our Wedding Guestbook
By Angelica Yim

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