Inspired by Julie and Julia!

I just watched Julie&Julia with my hubby after ringing in the new year with the kids and then putting the kids to bed very late or should I say, very early in the morning. We probably started watching sometime around 1:00 a.m. and finished between 3 and 4 in the morning.  I was inspired! I was challenged! Whatever it is…I was kept up at night thinking about blogging and photography. I’m by no means the expert photographer but I’ve found that I LOVE photography! I love it and am fascinated by it! Photography used to be an “expensive” hobby but computers and technology have made it easily accessible and far more affordable. During my Christmas vacation visiting family in San Diego and a recent trip to Balboa Park and its museums (a must see in San Diego), I was surrounded by cameras. Whether it was someone’s cell phone, digital point and shoot or the dSLR, everyone had something to capture anything and everything around them. I don’t think I realized before how readily available it was for anyone to have something in their hand to capture that “moment”.  You’d think i would have figured that out in this age of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and the like.

I’ve also learned that owning a digital camera does not lend itself to being a knowledgeable picture taker.  Truth be told, we love our simple gadgets.  We figure it’s digital and so the best option must be AUTO. And whoever reads the manual anyway?  I didn’t at first. I’m not sure what got me to finally decide on reading it but i’m glad I did. One of the most important things i’ve learned…READ THE MANUAL! It’s true what we’ve heard before…”before you get started, read the directions.”  It’s amazing what your camera can do when you get off the “Auto” mode.

Inspired by the movie and my recent trip, i’ve decided to post a picture i’ve taken everyday for the next year of my life and when time permits, include tips i’ve learned or am learning for taking those pictures that capture and express my life. Check it out here –


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