December Greetings!

I love December! I especially love greeting cards! Here are a few greeting cards I created this month.

This card below was printed as a 4×6 postcard. 15pt cardstock. 2 sided. This card was going to be delivered to friends and family via snail mail. All that was needed was a stamp and address labels on the back.



I customized this card design per a client’s request.  I loved this picture she sent in taken by her aunt (I believe). I couldn’t help but smile looking at this photo. You gotta love a baby boy with a red bow tie!

This card is a 5″x7″ 2-sided folded greeting card printed on 10 point cardstock.

Unfolded (10″x7″). (Outside:back, front)

(inside: left side, right side)


These were photocards sent as jpegs to be printed at each person’s preferred local photocenter.

Print size 5×7.


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