Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!!!

We’re all moved in to our new place but there’s boxes everywhere.  We moved last weekend and in the rain. It was an awful time to move but i’m glad it’s over with. Now, it’s just time to take on all the boxes of STUFF! I wish I had that red Staples “EASY” button in all their advertisements. I’d love to just push that red button and have my whole house and the stuff inside it clean, organized and looking like it was put together by one of those HGTV Home Designers. If I had it, i’d definitely use it and wouldn’t mind sharing it at all. If you have one, please pass it along…I need it!

Speaking of wanting to get organized…I thought i’d post a few pics I found rummaging through my files.  These were pictures I took with a small point and shoot camera of my daughter when she was one. Obviously these were taken in October several years ago…her first costume for Halloween. I love these shots! These are posted as is…no digital edits or enhancements.  I think they show that you dont’ have to have the most expensive camera in town.  A great tip i’ve learned is…take it outside! Natural light is amazing. These pictures were taken in the backyard!





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