No way…that’s from a point and shoot!

During the fall of last year, I took photos of my cousin and her fiance. With the  Pentax K1000 and FinePix F700 point and shoot camera in hand, I headed to a beautiful creek near my house. This was the first time I set out to take pics of someone else other than my own kids.  Of course, I was nervous since this was going to be photos my cousin was hoping to use for her engagement photos.  I definitely had a blast doing this for them and was so glad their pictures turned out great (in my eyes).

In my previous post, I wrote how I loved my point and shoot. I definitely did and still do!!! They’re awesome, especially when I finally learned to take off the automatic setting and manually set my camera’s settings.  It’s great to have them around when you don’t want to lug around your larger digital slr.   So I thought i’d share a few photos from that day and yes…these were taken from a regular digital point and shoot camera!





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