What was I thinking?

This is what i’m asking myself as i’m sitting here writing this post at 2:44 a.m. EST. I should be in bed but here I am feeling obligated to post something after signing up for this blog a few days ago. What I was thinking was…

-wouldn’t it be cool to start a blog about guestbooks

-there isn’t a lot of information, photos, ideas about these books  that you can find in one place

-wish I had the various options that people have nowadays for their wedding or any other special event.

Okay, so those were just some of the thoughts…I think. But this could be crazy! Does this mother of two have time for this? I’m trying to get my house ready to be listed on the market (i know…it’s not a great time to sell but if we can…it’s a GREAT time to buy!) So we’re giving it a shot.  So besides trying to get our house clean and organized and kept that way, taking care of my kiddos and a whole host of things to do with being a wife and mom…I want to start blogging? What? So let’s see how this goes.

Well, in the next few post, i’m going to try and just journal some of the things i’ve learned from my research and experience and who knows what else. =)


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